Monolithic of SOI wafer waveguide and InP-laser with DVS-BCB coating and bonding

Jian Chiun Liou, Cheng Fu Yang, Yi Chen Lin, Chia Hsin Chao

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Si photonic is an optical information processing technology, including lasers, optical modulators, waveguide and a photodetector, and the light signal is performed by a basic photonic systems. In silicon microelectronics world, hundreds of millions of pieces of single components are integrated into a single platform to "parallel manufacturing" approach at the same time, the current optical transmission systems, the main technology is based on an independent element "series mode" manufacturing. Bonding technology is becoming realized comprising laser, an optical modulator, a waveguide and a photodetector system integration. Several conventional bonding methods have been developed a practical method. Wherein, the silicon substrate and the III-V group bonding, does not need to atomically smooth surface engagement, and the conventional bonding method is comparison with great flexibility, allowing the binding material or structure of the highest quality. Silicon has a high thermal conductivity and low light absorption, and the properties of these two substances silicon photonic application is very advantageous. Relatively low cost and high quality SOI wafers, making them an ideal platform to create a CMOS-compatible planar waveguide circuits. In this research, we focus on BCB coating, bonding, and adhesion observation for monolithic SOI wafer waveguide and InP-laser. The IV (Current-voltage) curve measured under the needle was found operating under current of approximately 8 mA at 1.5 V, LI (Optical power-Current) measurement results found at 36 mA operating maximum optical power of about 1.2 mW. This method owns the advantages of simple fabrication process, great performance and high adhesion efficient between BCB layer and Si waveguide.
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期刊Microelectronic Engineering
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