Minimising preoperative anxiety with music for day surgery patients - a randomised clinical trial

Cheng Hua Ni, Wei Her Tsai, Liang Ming Lee, Ching Chiu Kao, Yi Chung Chen

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Aims and objectives. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of musical intervention on preoperative anxiety and vital signs in patients undergoing day surgery. Background. Studies and systematic meta-analyses have shown inconclusive results of the efficacy of music in reducing preoperative anxiety. We designed a study to provide additional evidence for its use in preoperative nursing care. Design. Randomised, controlled study. Method. Patients (n=183) aged 18-65 admitted to our outpatient surgery department were randomly assigned to either the experimental group (music delivered by earphones) or control group (no music) for 20minutes before surgery. Anxiety, measured by the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, and vital signs were measured before and after the experimental protocol. Results. A total of 172 patients (60 men and 112 women) with a mean age of 40·90 (SD 11·80) completed the study. The largest number (35·7%) was undergoing elective plastic surgery and 76·7% of the total reported previous experience with surgery. Even though there was only a low-moderate level of anxiety at the beginning of the study, both groups showed reduced anxiety and improved vital signs compared with baseline values; however, the intervention group reported significantly lower anxiety [mean change: -5·83 (SD 0·75) vs. -1·72 (SD 0·65), p
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期刊Journal of Clinical Nursing
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 2012

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