Method and system for localizing implanted intracranial electrode

Syu-Jyun Peng (发明人), Cheng Chia Lee (发明人), Chien Chen Chou (发明人), Hsiang Yu Yu (发明人)

研究成果: 專利


A method for localizing an intracranial electrode in a subject's brain is provided. The intracranial electrode has at least one electrode contact. The method includes: acquiring a first brain image reconstructed from first image data acquired after electrode-implantation; acquiring a second brain image reconstructed from second image data acquired before the electrode-implantation; co-registering the first brain image and the second brain image to acquire spatial transformation parameters; extracting a first coordinate of the electrode contact from the first brain image; converting the first coordinate into a second coordinate in the second brain image by using the spatial transformation parameters; co-registering the second brain image and a universal brain atlas to define functional zones in the second brain image; and defining a corresponding functional zone where the second coordinate is located. Another alternative method and a system for localizing an intracranial electrode are also provided herein.
出版狀態已發佈 - 12月 21 2021


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