Management of Sarcopenic Obesity for Older Adults with Lower-Extremity Osteoarthritis

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Lower-extremity osteoarthritis (OA) is a prevalent musculoskeletal disease in elder population. The main symptom of OA is pain which leads to muscle weakness and physical disability. Recently, muscle weakness, function limitation, and severity of disease in OA are addressed to aging-related muscle attenuations. Therefore, elder individuals with OA are under potential sarcopenia risks. In addition, obesity, which exerts negative impacts on disease outcomes, has become a burden in OA population. Under multifactor risks of OA, it is important to identify effectiveness of multidisciplinary management for such elder population to prevent sarcopenic obesity and maintain physical function. Previous studies have indicated that diet intervention (DI) using protein supplement, dietary protein, or weight loss enhances exercise efficacy in terms of additional muscle mass and strength gains to exercise training (ET) for elder individuals with high sarcopenia and frailty risks. However, it remains unclear whether DI in combination with ET augments any benefit for older adults with lower-extremity OA. This chapter aimed to review the effects of DI plus ET on muscle mass, strength, and physical function outcomes in older individuals with lower-extremity OA.
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