Low crosstalk multi-view tracking 3-D display of synchro-signal LED scanning backlight system

Jian Chiun Liou, Kuan Lee, Juy Fong Huang

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Many people believe that in the future, autostereoscopic 3D displays will become a mainstream display type. Achievement of higher quality 3D images requires both higher panel resolution and more viewing zones. Consequently, the transmission bandwidth of the 3D display systems involves enormous amounts of data transfer. This study integrated a viewer-tracking system and a synchro-signal LED scanning backlight module with an autostereoscopic 3D display to reduce the crosstalk of right/left eye images and data transfer bandwidth, while maintaining 3D image resolution. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are a dot light source of the dynamic backlight module. When modulating the dynamic backlight module to control the display mode of the stereoscopic display, the updating speed of the dynamic light-emitting regions and the updating speed of pixels were synchronal. For each frame period, the viewer can accurately view three-dimensional images, and the three-dimensional images displayed by the stereoscopic display have full resolution. The stereoscopic display tracks the viewer's position or can be watched by multiple viewers. This study demonstrated that the three-dimensional image displayed by the stereoscopic display is of high quality, and analyzed this phenomenon. The multi-viewer tracking stereoscopic display with intelligent multiplexing control of LED backlight scanning had low crosstalk, below 1%, when phase shift was 1/160 s.
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期刊IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011

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