Laparoscopic vertical banded gastric partition

W. J. Lee, M. T. Huang, I. R. Lai, C. C. Wu, P. L. Wei

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After developing experience performing laparoscopic gastric surgery we combined laparoscopic access with traditional surgical techniques to treat patients with morbid obesity. We report our experience with laparoscopic vertical banded gastric partitioning in 60 Chinese patients (14 men and 46 women) aged 19 to 55 years between October 1, 1998 and January 31, 1999 at our hospital. All the patients were morbidly obese, with an averaged preoperative weight of 108.2 Kg (85.3-151.5 Kg). The mean BMI was 41 kg/m2 (35-53 kg/m2). The operation time ranged from 90 to 320 minutes. The conversion rate to laparotomy has been low (1.6%). A major complication of pouch perforation occurred in one patient (1.6%). The patient received laparotomy and was discharged after hospitalization for 14 days. Other complications has been rare and mild. Patients were usually discharged on the 3rd postoperative day. The weight loss after laparoscopic procedure is in accordance with weight loss seen in open surgery. Our experience indicated that vertical banded gastric partitioning can be performed safely with laparoscopic access. However, it will remain an area of importance for clinical practice, research, and development.

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期刊Formosan Journal of Surgery
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