Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Toward Smoking Cessation among Hospital Pharmacists in Taiwan

Jui Chia Chang, Yen Ying Lee, Li Na Kuo, Pei Yu Hsiao, Hsiang Yin Chen

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Purpose: Prior studies on pharmacists and smoking cessation have focused on community-based professionals. The purpose of this study was to survey the knowledge, attitude, and practice of smoking cessation of hospital-based pharmacists in Taiwan. Methods: Pharmacists of 23 hospitals in Taiwan were sampled using stratified randomization. A questionnaire included 10 multiple-choice questions that measured knowledge about smoking cessation, 10 questions on attitude using a five-point scale, and 10 questions on practice using a five-point scale. Results: A total of 769 participants completed the survey questionnaire. The valid response rate was 70.88%, among which 688 participants (89.5%) had never smoked, 50 (6.5%) were former smokers, and 31 (4.0%) current smokers. Only 211 pharmacists (28.74%) received education, at least once, on assisting patients with smoking cessation. The mean score on the knowledge section of the questionnaire was 5.12 ± 2.36. Nonsmoking pharmacists had a more positive attitude toward their role in smoking cessation than current smokers (38.98 ± 4.64 vs. 36.58 ± 5.54, p < 0.05). Approximately 10% of the pharmacists actively assessed a patient's smoking status, provided information, or assisted patients in smoking cessation prior to the survey time. Conclusion: The smoking rate among hospital pharmacists in Taiwan was 4%, which was significantly lower than that of 20% of the general population. Future efforts should include education and training, encouraging pharmacists who are current smokers to stop smoking, and actively assisting patients in smoking cessation. Addressing tobacco dependence should be part of the standard of care for pharmacists as well as education on smoking cessation.

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期刊Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine
出版狀態已發佈 - 8月 2012

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