Intraocular Pressure Elevation After Intravitreal Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection in a Chinese Population

Ling Ing Lau, Kuan Chieh Chen, Fenq Lih Lee, Shih Jen Chen, Yu Chieh Ko, Catherine Jui-Ling Liu, Wen Ming Hsu

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Purpose: To study the prevalence and risk factors of intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation and refractory IOP elevation after a single 4 mg intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide (IVTA) injection in a Chinese population. Design: Retrospective, observational case series. Methods: Retrospective chart review of all the patients who received an IVTA injection at one medical center from January 2003 through June 2005. A postoperative IOP increase of more than 6 mm Hg was defined as an IOP elevation. Postoperative IOP elevation that could not be controlled by glaucoma medications was defined as refractory IOP elevation. Results: Sixty-four (43.5%) of the 147 enrolled patients experienced IOP elevation. Males had a higher risk of IOP elevation, with an odds ratio (OR) of 3.17 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.38 to 7.27; P = .006), after adjusting for age, glaucoma history, and diagnosis of retinal disease. Patients 55 years of age and younger had a larger magnitude of IOP elevation than those older than 55 years (11.2 ± 10.1 mm Hg vs 7.3 ± 7.7 mm Hg; P = .020). Ten patients (6.8%) had refractory IOP elevation, and those 55 years of age or younger had a higher risk of refractory IOP elevation compared with those older than 55 years, with an OR of 8.16 (95% CI, 1.67 to 39.81; P = .009), after adjusting for preoperative IOP and diagnosis of retinal disease. Conclusions: Elevated IOP after IVTA injection is common in this Chinese population. Male patients have a higher risk of IOP elevation. Younger patients should be monitored carefully after IVTA injection because they exhibit a greater magnitude of IOP elevation and have an increased chance of developing refractory IOP elevation.

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期刊American Journal of Ophthalmology
出版狀態已發佈 - 10月 2008

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