Humoral immunity to mumps in a highly vaccinated population in Taiwan

Yu Huai Ho, Chen Chi Tsai, Ya Wen Tsai, Yu Chiang Wang, Tzou Yien Lin, De Jen Lee, Chih Jung Chen

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Background: A resurgence of mumps was noted recently and outbreaks were increasingly reported in populations with high vaccine coverage. We aimed to evaluate the seroprevalence to mumps in Taiwan, where a two-dose childhood mumps-containing vaccine program, with a high coverage rate, had been implemented for >20 years. Methods: The anti-mumps IgG was determined in 3552 participants of all ages in Taiwan. The age-specific seropositivity rates were calculated and the sociodemographic variables associated with the seronegative sera were analyzed with a logistic regression method. Results: The overall seroprevalence to mumps was 71%, with a higher rate in adults ≥19 years old than in the pediatric population <19 years old (80.4% versus 62.0%, P < 0.0001). In participants aged 2-20 years, who had been given at least one mumps-containing vaccine, the seropositivity fluctuated across different age subgroups and the lowest rate (36.8%) occurred in the 17-18 years age group. The multivariate analysis identified age within 17-18 years (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 8.598, 95% confidence interval [CI] 2.990-24.722, P < 0.0001), within 19-20 years (aOR 5.076, 95% CI 1.702-15.133, P = 0.0080), and being a resident of the suburban area of northern Taiwan (aOR 1.089, 95% CI 0.823-1.414, P = 0.0008) as independent factors associated with an increased risk of seronegative sera. Conclusion: The seropositivity to mumps was unexpectedly low in highly vaccinated generations, and with a significant geographical discrepancy in Taiwan, which may have been responsible for the sustained reports of mumps cases in Taiwan.
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期刊Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection
出版狀態接受/付印 - 1月 1 2017

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