Hepatobiliary cancers

Al B. Benson, Thomas A. Abrams, Edgar Ben-Josef, P. Mark Bloomston, Jean F. Botha, Bryan M. Clary, Anne Covey, Steven A. Curley, Michael I. D'Angelica, Rene Davila, William D. Ensminger, John F. Gibbs, Daniel Laheru, Mokenge P. Malafa, Jorge Marrero, Steven G. Meranze, Sean J. Mulvihill, James O. Park, James A. Posey, Jasgit SachdevRiad Salem, Elin R. Sigurdson, Constantinos Sofocleous, Jean Nicholas Vauthey, Alan P. Venook, Laura Williams Goff, Yun Yen, Andrew X. Zhu

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Although many patients with hepatobiliary cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage, all patients should be evaluated for treatment. Nevertheless, careful patient selection for treatment and active multidisciplinary cooperation are essential. Very few high-quality randomized clinical trials of patients with hepatobiliary cancers exist, and patient participation in prospective clinical trials is the preferred option for treatment of patients with all stages of disease.
期刊JNCCN Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
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