Hepatic effects in workers exposed to 2-methoxy ethanol

Ching Hui Loh, Tung Sheng Shih, An Tsz Hsieh, Yeong Hwang Chen, Guo Dong Liao, Saou Hsing Liou

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The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of 2-ME on hepatic function in exposed workers. Fifty-three impregnation workers from two copper-clad laminate-manufacturing factories using 2-ME as a solvent were recruited as the exposed group. Another group of 121 lamination workers with indirect exposure to 2-ME was recruited as the comparison group. Environmental monitoring of air 2-ME concentrations and biological monitoring of urine 2-methoxy acetic acid concentrations were performed. Venous blood was collected for blood biochemistry analyses. Liver function examination results showed that the aspartate amino transferase, alanine amino transferase, and γ-glutamyl transferase in the 2-ME-exposed workers were not significantly different from those in the comparison workers. After adjustment for hepatitis carrier status, gender, body mass index, and duration of employment, no difference were found between exposed and comparison groups. We conclude that 2-ME was not a hepatotoxin.
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期刊Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 2004

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