Hearing Problems in Indonesia: Attention to Hypertensive Adults

Melysa Fitriana, Chyi Huey Bai

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Known as a silent disability, hearing loss is one of the major health burdens worldwide. Evidence implies that those suffering from hypertension can experience hearing disturbances. Self-reporting of hearing problems and self-reporting of hypertension may be useful in providing an alarm for detecting hearing problems. However, in the Indonesian population, this matter has not been properly reported. The aim of this study was to explore the prevalence of hearing problems and their relationships with other demographic factors. In total, 28,297 respondents of productive age from the Indonesian Family Life Survey 5th wave were assessed. A questionnaire and physical examination data were included in this survey. Self-reported hearing problems and their predictors were analyzed using univariate and multivariate logistic regressions. Hypertension awareness was a significant predictor of having a hearing problem (odds ratio (OR) [95% confidence interval (CI)], p value: 2.715 [1.948~3.785],
期刊International journal of environmental research and public health
出版狀態已發佈 - 8月 2022

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