Hard anodization film on carbon steel surface by thermal spray and anodization methods

Pao Chang Chiang, Chih Wei Chen, Fa Ta Tsai, Chung Kwei Lin, Chien Chon Chen

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In this paper, we used two mass-produced industrial technologies, namely, thermal spraying and anodization methods, to enhance the surface characteristics of AISI 1045 medium carbon steel for use in special environments or products. The anodic film can effectively improve the surface properties of carbon steel. A sequence of treatments of the carbon steel substrate surface that consist of sandblasting, spraying the aluminum film, annealing, hot rolling, cleaning, grinding, and polishing can increase the quality of the anodized film. This paper proposes an anodization process for the surface of carbon steel to increase the corrosion resistance, hardness, color diversification, and electrical resistance. The resulting surface improves the hardness (from 170 HV to 524 HV), surface roughness (from 1.26 to 0.15 µm), coloring (from metal color to various colors), and corrosion resistance (from rusty to corrosion resistant). The electrochemical corrosion studies showed that the AISI 1045 steel surface with a hard anodized film had a lower corrosion current density of 10−5.9 A/cm2 and a higher impedance of 9000 ohm than those of naked AISI 1045 steel (10−4.2 A/cm2 and 150 ohm) in HCl gas.

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