Glycosylation of OVA antigen-loaded PLGA nanoparticles enhances DC-targeting for cancer vaccination

Po Yu Chou, Shyr Yi Lin, Yi No Wu, Chia Yu Shen, Ming Thau Sheu, Hsiu O. Ho

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Cancer vaccines have recently garnered tremendous interest. However, the targeted delivery of antigens and adjuvants to dendritic cells (DCs) still remains challenging. In this study, we developed glycosylated poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles (NPs) loaded with the SIINFEKL peptide (OVA) as a tumor-specific antigen and CpG oligodeoxynucleotide (CpG) as an adjuvant for an effective DC-targeted cancer vaccine. Surface modification of NPs with galactose (Gal) or mannose (Man) was carried out by a double-emulsion solvent evaporation method, and the products were respectively named OVA-CpG Gal-NPs and OVA-CpG Man-NPs. They exhibited a uniform particle size, high loading capacity, robust stability, and extended release. The OVA-CpG Gal-NPs were found to rapidly enhance antigen uptake and DC maturation. In the in vivo study, OVA-CpG Gal-NPs via intravenous (i.v.), intranasal (i.n.) and subcutaneous (s.c.) routes had rapidly accumulated in the spleen. Moreover, the non-glycosylated OVA-CpG NPs after s.c. immunization could rapidly be trafficked to distal lymph nodes and sustained higher levels. All of these formulations increased the level of cluster of differentiation 4-positive (CD4+) T cells and interferon (IFN)-γ in the spleen, then promoted the cytotoxic CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes against E.G7-OVA lymphomas. In conclusion, galactosylated NPs provided an effective platform to enhance the DC targeting to induce cellular immunity and T-cell recruitment into tumor sites in vivo, thus showing great potential to be developed as a prophylactic vaccine for cancer immunotherapy.
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期刊Journal of Controlled Release
出版狀態已發佈 - 11月 2022

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