Glycol chitosan/iron oxide/polypyrrole nanoclusters for precise chemodynamic/photothermal synergistic therapy

Edgar Daniel Quiñones, Ting Yu Lu, Kuan Ting Liu, Yu Jui Fan, Er Yuan Chuang, Jiashing Yu

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Noninvasive photothermal therapy (PTT) represents a promising direction for more modern and precise medical applications. However, PTT efficacy is still not satisfactory due to the existence of heat shock proteins (HSPs) and poorly targeted delivery. Herein, the design of a nanosystem with improved delivery efficacy for anticancer treatment employing the synergetic effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-driven chemodynamic therapy (CDT) to inactivated HSPs with photothermal-hyperthermia was therefore achieved through the development of pH-targeting glycol chitosan/iron oxide enclosed core polypyrrole nanoclusters (GCPI NCs). The designed NCs effectively accumulated toward cancer cells due to their acidic microenvironment, initiating ROS generation via Fenton reaction at the outset and performing site-specific near infrared (NIR)-photothermal effect. A comprehensive analysis of both surface and bulk material properties of the CDT/PTT NCs as well as biointerface properties were ascertained via numerous surface specific analytical techniques by bringing together heightened accumulation of CDT/PTT NCs, which can significantly eradicate cancer cells thus minimizing the side effects of conventional chemotherapies. All of these attributes act in synergy over the cancer cells succeeding in fashioning NC's able to act as competent agents in the MRI-monitored enhanced CDT/PTT synergistic therapy. Findings in this study evoke attention in future oncological therapeutic strategies.

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期刊International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
出版狀態已發佈 - 4月 1 2022

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