Gamma-irradiation-prepared low molecular weight hyaluronic acid promotes skin wound healing

Yu Chih Huang, Kuen Yu Huang, Wei Zhen Lew, Kang Hsin Fan, Wei Jen Chang, Haw Ming Huang

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In this study, we prepared low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (LMWHA) powder by γ -irradiation. The chemical and physical properties of γ -irradiated LMWHA and the in vitro cellular growth experiments with γ -irradiated LMWHA were analyzed. Then, hyaluronic acid exposed to 20 kGy of γ -irradiation was used to fabricate a carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)/LMWHA fabric for wound dressing. Our results showed that γ -irradiated LMWHA demonstrated a significant alteration in carbon-oxygen double bonding and can be detected using nuclear magnetic resonance and ultraviolet (UV)-visible (Vis) spectra. The γ -irradiated LMWHA exhibited strain rate-dependent Newton/non-Newton fluid biphasic viscosity. The viability of L929 skin fibroblasts improved upon co-culture with γ -irradiated LMWHA. In the in vivo animal experiments, skin wounds covered with dressings prepared by γ -irradiation revealed acceleration of wound healing after two days of healing. The results suggest that γ -irradiated LMWHA could be a potential source for the promotion of skin wound healing.

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