Farming and mortality rates attributed to non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Taiwan

Shang Shyue Tsai, Yi Hao Weng, Ya Wen Chiu, Chun Yuh Yang

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Previous studies suggested an elevated risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) among farmers. To date, no apparent study examined the association between farming and NHL in Asian countries. The aim of this study was to investigate whether farmers in Taiwan exhibited an increased risk of mortality attributed to NHL. To this end, a mortality odds ratio (MOR) study was conducted to estimate the relative risk of mortality attributed to NHL for farmers in Taiwan. Data on the decedents enrolled in this investigation were derived from the death certificate database for the period 1997–2009. The study group comprised individuals who died from NHL and who were 50 years or older. The control group consisted of subjects who died from all other causes, excluding cancers, in the corresponding age group. Multiple logistic regression analysis was performed to compute the MOR, with adjustments for gender, age at death, year of death, marital status, and urbanizational levels. Among 32,456 deceased farmers, 205 died due to NHL. Farmers were found to have a nonsignificantly higher MOR than nonfarmers. This risk estimate is similar to estimates in previous meta-analyses. The MOR for NHL was higher among farmers who died 65 years or older than among those who died at younger ages. The findings indicate that farming in Taiwan may increase the risk of death attributed to NHL. Exposure to pesticides might be an influential factor contributing to high risk of mortality attributed to NHL among farmers and therefore needs to be further investigated.
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期刊Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health - Part A: Current Issues
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018

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