Factors related to post-treatment marital adjustment in women with breast cancer

M. L. Chung, N. P. Ku, S. C. Wu, T. Y. Chao, C. Yang

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The purpose of this study was to explore post-treatment marital adjustment and related factors in women with breast cancer. The variables include characteristics of illness, pre- and post-treatment marital adjustment, as well as depression. Subjects were recruited by convenience sampling from two medical centers and one community hospital in the Taipei metropolitan area. A total of 119 married women who had received surgery for breast cancer were interviewed with structured questionnaires in a private space. The results showed no difference between marital adjustment pre- and post-treatment. A significant decrease in physical aspects of marriage satisfaction and a significant increase in both psychological and social aspects of marriage satisfaction post-treatment were demonstrated. However, stepwise regression analyses found that the most important predictor of post-treatment marital adjustment is pre-treatment adjustment. Such variables as post-morbid duration, stage of cancer, and different treatment modalities could also predict post-treatment marital adjustment. The results suggest that medical staff should encourage breast cancer patients to face their post-treatment marital status positively. The impact on physical aspects of marriage satisfaction of the breast cancer treatment should not be overlooked. Moreover, an assessment of ovarian function, sexual function, depression, and marital adjustment should be emphasized in women with breast cancer.

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期刊Hu li yan jiu = Nursing research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001


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