Evidence for asthma susceptibility genes on chromosome 11 in an African-American population

Shau Ku Huang, Rasika A. Mathias, Eva Ehrlich, Beverly Plunkett, Xin Liu, Garry R. Cutting, Xin Jing Wang, Xiao Dong Li, Alkis Togias, Kathleen C. Barnes, Floyd Malveaux, Stephen Rich, Beverly Mellen, Ethan Lange, Terri H. Beaty

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Initial genome-wide scan data provided suggestive evidence for linkage of the asthma phenotype in African-American (AA), but not Caucasian, families to chromosome 11q markers (peak at D11S1985; LOD=2). To refine this region, mapping analysis of 91 AA families (51 multiplex families and 40 asthmatic case-parent trios) was performed with an additional 17 markers flanking the initial peak linkage marker. Multipoint analyses of the 51 multiplex families yielded significant evidence of linkage with a peak non-parametric linkage score of 4.38 at marker D11S1337 (map position 68.6 cM). Furthermore, family-based association and transmission disequilibrium tests conducted on all 91 families showed significant evidence of linkage in the presence of disequilibrium for several individual markers in this region. A putative susceptibility locus was estimated to be at map position 70.8 cM with a confidence interval spanning the linkage peak. Evidence from both linkage and association analyses suggest that this region of chromosome 11 contains one or more susceptibility genes for asthma in these AA families.

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期刊Human Genetics
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 2003

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