Evaluation of kojic acid production in a repeated-batch PCS biofilm reactor

Jui Ming Liu, Ting Chu Yu, Shin Ping Lin, Ren Jun Hsu, Kai Di Hsu, Kuan Chen Cheng

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In this study, kojic acid, a secondary metabolite as an industrially important compound, was produced by Aspergillus oryzae (A. oryzae), which was immobilized in plastic composite support (PCS) bioreactor. Nitrogen deficient medium was applied to increase the production of KA in PCS-immobilized bioreactor. The efficiency of immobilized culture for kojic acid (KA) production and the effect of morphology of A. oryzae on KA production were evaluated. After three cycles of cultivation, 83.47. g/L of KA was produced in PCS bioreactor in nitrogen deficient medium with productivity of 3.09. g/L/d, which is higher than free suspension culture in batch fermentation. The morphology of A. oryzae mycelium changed under nitrogen starvation. Feather-like mycelium was observed with increasing KA production. RNA expression (kojA and kojT) results indicated that the nitrogen deficient environment had strong influence on KA production on the transcriptional level. PCS immobilized fermentation system, which allowed a repeated-batch fermentation with higher production and productivity, is a potential tool in industrial production of KA.

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期刊Journal of Biotechnology
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 20 2016

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