Evaluation of Free, Open-source, Web-based DICOM Viewers for the Indian National Telemedicine Service (eSanjeevani)

Jagjot Singh Wadali, Sanjay P. Sood, Rajesh Kaushish, Shabbir Syed-Abdul, Praveen K. Khosla, Madhu Bhatia

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The Digital Image and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer is a very useful component in telemedicine applications. Owing to increased demand, adoption, and prospects of browser-based software in the recent past, web-based DICOM viewers have gained significant ground. There are myriad web-based DICOM viewers which are open source and are available free of cost as stand-alone applications. These freely available tools have rich functionality like the commercial ones. To find an optimal DICOM viewer for integration with a web-based telemedicine solution is quite a challenge, and no research has gone into assessing these freely available DICOM viewers. This research assessed a range of web-based, open-source, and freely available DICOM viewers from the perspective of their integration with the Indian National Telemedicine Solution (eSanjeevani). To introduce teleradiology module in eSanjeevani, a study is carried out to enable viewing of radiological images through DICOM viewer. eSanjeevani is being prepared for a national roll-out at 155,000 health and wellness centers across rural India by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Government of India) under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme (the world’s largest health insurance scheme). In total, 13 free, open-source, and web-based DICOM viewers were identified for evaluation; however, only six were shortlisted as assessed. This study can serve as a one-stop source for researchers looking for a suitable DICOM viewer for their healthcare IT applications.

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期刊Journal of Digital Imaging
出版狀態已發佈 - 12月 2020

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