Endoscopic buccal mucosal grafting to the anterior glottic web: A case report

Ming Wang Hsiung, Hsing Won Wang

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Anterior glottic web (AGW) is a challenge for otolaryngologists to treat because of the wide range of symptoms and the involvement of the patient's airway. We were presented with an 18-year-old male patient suffering from exertional dyspnea and moderate dysphonia. Two attempts at microlarnygeal surgery, using a CO2 laser to try to lysis the AGW, failed to achieve satisfactory results. Further examination indicated AGW, with compromised bilateral vocal fold movement and voice generation capabilities. A two-stage endoscopic buccal mucosal grafting (EBMG) was recommended to accomplish anterior commissure reconstruction to treat the epithelial loss resulting from AGW. In our postoperative assessment, the patient's symptoms had improved dramatically, with clear, smooth voice production without dyspnea. Therefore, EBMG is believed to be a technically viable and feasible approach to treating AGW and is also recommended as an effective alternative to treatments such as laryngofissure and tracheostomy.

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期刊European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2002

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