Emitting-tunable Eu(2+/3+)-doped Ca(8−x)La(2+x) (PO4)6−x(SiO4)xO2 apatite phosphor for n-UV WLEDs with high-color-rendering

Yi Wei, Hui Jia, Hui Xiao, Meng Meng Shang, Chun Che Lin, Chaochin Su, Ting Shan Chan, Guo Gang Li, Jun Lin

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Currently, developing single-phased white light phosphors based on a single-doped activator is an efficient approach to blends of bicolor/tricolor phosphors for realizing phosphor-converted white light emitting diodes (pc-WLEDs) with a high color rendering index (CRI) and low correlated color temperature (CCT). Here, we present high CRI (Ra = 93-95) and low CCT (3500-6000 K) white lights by cosubstituting [Ca2+-P5+] for [La3+-Si4+] in the solid solution Ca(8→2)La(2→8)(PO4)6−x(SiO4)xO2:Eu2+/Eu3+ (CLPSO_Eu). The results are attributed to the presence of multi Ca2+ sites due to possible mixing nanophases and the simultaneous occupancy of Ca2+ and La3+ sites by Eu, resulting in the mixing of blue (466 nm) and green emissions (540 nm) for Eu2+, and red emission (613 nm) for Eu3+, which were perfectly confirmed using X-ray Rietveld refinement, photoluminescence spectra and extended X-ray absorption fine structure. These findings not only imply that the as-prepared CLPSO_Eu are promising single-phased white light phosphor for near-UV based WLEDs but also offer a novel avenue to design high CRI white light phosphors based on a tunable Eu2+/Eu3+
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