Electromagnetic characteristics of iron-based microwave absorbing materials

R. B. Yang, K. Y. Juan, C. Y. Tsay, W. F. Liang, C. K. Lin

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Nowadays human are exposed to an environment filling with electromagnetic waves over a wide frequency range. The electromagnetic properties of microwave absorbing materials plays an important role in the performance of civilian electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding at low frequency range and military stealth technology at high frequency one. The electromagnetic properties include complex permittivity and permeability and its combination determines the electromagnetic wave absorption ability of a material. Complex permittivity and permeability can be measured by three different methods, i.e., free-space method, coaxial/waveguide method, and resonant cavity perturbation method. The first one requires a large space, expensive equipment, and not suitable for academic usage. In the present study, using coaxial/waveguide and resonant cavity perturbation methods, electromagnetic characteristics of iron-based microwave absorbing materials will be obtained and its microwave absorption performance will be investigated. In addition, a comparison between the measurements by these two methods will be addressed.
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期刊Key Engineering Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011
事件5th Cross-Strait Workshop on the Engineering Materials, CSWEM 5 - , 臺灣
持續時間: 11月 19 201011月 20 2010

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