Effect of laser engraving on shear bond strength of polyetheretherketone to indirect composite and denture-base resins

Tzu-Yu Peng, Saiji Shimoe, Momoyo Higo, Mai Kato, Isao Hirata, Shogo Iwaguro, Masato Kaku

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Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a highly sought-after thermoplastic due to its exceptional mechanical properties and biocompatibility. However, bonding PEEK to indirect composite resin (ICR) or denture-based resin (DBR) can be challenging. Laser engraving technology has shown potential to improve bonding for other materials; thus, this study aims to evaluate its effectiveness for PEEK. The experiment involved preparing ingot-shaped PEEK samples, which were then categorized into four groups based on the treatment method employed: without treatment, air abrasion, sulfuric acid etching, and laser engraving (LS). Subsequently, the samples were bonded to ICR or DBR, and their shear bond strength (SBS) was tested with or without thermocycling using a universal testing machine. Furthermore, the failure mode was observed, with statistical analyses conducted to compare the results. The grid-like microslit structure of LS group displayed the highest SBS for bonding PEEK to ICR or DBR (P < 0.05). During the bonding of PEEK to ICR, resin residue and penetration into the microslits were frequently observed in the LS group, indicating cohesive failure. However, when PEEK was bonded to DBR, mixture failure was frequently observed without thermocycling. After thermocycling, only the LS group showed cohesive failure, while the majority of specimens exhibited mixture failure. Laser engraving significantly improves the SBS between PEEK and both ICR and DBR. Furthermore, it was observed that resin had penetrated the microslits, indicating that laser engraving has great potential as a surface treatment method.
期刊Journal of Dental Sciences
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2023


  • Polyetheretherke-tone
  • Chemical etching
  • Laser engraving
  • Shear bond strength
  • Thermocycling


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