Dissociation and emotion regulation strategies: A meta-analytic review

Marco Cavicchioli, Andrea Scalabrini, Georg Northoff, Clara Mucci, Anna Ogliari, Cesare Maffei

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Objective: Clinical and neurobiological models posited that dissociative mechanisms might affect processes involved in emotional generation and regulation. However, there is a lack of a comprehensive theoretical framework that systematically includes dissociation within emotional functioning. Methods: The current study aims at conducting a meta-analytic review on the relationship between dissociation and emotion regulation in order to empirically estimate to what extent dissociation is related to emotion regulation processes. The meta-analysis was based on r coefficient as effect size measure, using a random-effect approach. Results: The meta-analysis included 57 independent studies for a total of 11596 individuals. Findings showed an overall moderate relationship between dissociation and emotion regulation (rw = .32; p < .05). The association between dissociation and emotion regulation was the same among clinical samples than non-clinical ones. Furthermore, dissociation showed moderate to large relationships with maladaptive domains of emotion regulation, namely disengagement (rw = 0.34; p < .01) (i.e., behavioral avoidance, experiential avoidance, thought and emotional suppression) and aversive cognitive perseveration (rw = 0.38; p < .001) (i.e., rumination, worry and nonacceptance). The analysis did not find significant relationship between dissociation and adaptive domain of emotional regulation (i.e., problem solving, mindfulness). Conclusion: Dissociation in the context of emotion regulation might be viewed as a basic neuro-mental mechanism that automatically contribute to the over-modulation of emotional states through avoidance reactions from internal and external reality. Future longitudinal studies are needed to clarify the causal relationships between dissociation and emotion regulation.

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期刊Journal of Psychiatric Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 11月 2021

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