Design and development of a tele-healthcare information system based on web services and HL7 standards

Ean Wen Huang, Rui Suan Hung, Shwu Fen Chiou, Fei Ying Liu, Der Ming Liou

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Information and communication technologies progress rapidly and many novel applications have been developed in many domains of human life. In recent years, the demand for healthcare services has been growing because of the increase in the elderly population. Consequently, a number of healthcare institutions have focused on creating technologies to reduce extraneous work and improve the quality of service. In this study, an information platform for tele-healthcare services was implemented. The architecture of the platform included a web-based application server and client system. The client system was able to retrieve the blood pressure and glucose levels of a patient stored in measurement instruments through Bluetooth wireless transmission. The web application server assisted the staffs and clients in analyzing the health conditions of patients. In addition, the server provided face-to-face communications and instructions through remote video devices. The platform deployed a service-oriented architecture, which consisted of HL7 standard messages and web service components. The platform could transfer health records into HL7 standard clinical document architecture for data exchange with other organizations. The prototyping system was pretested and evaluated in a homecare department of hospital and a community management center for chronic disease monitoring. Based on the results of this study, this system is expected to improve the quality of healthcare services.
主出版物標題Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems
編輯Hamid Arabnia, Quoc-Nam Tran
出版狀態已發佈 - 12月 12 2011


名字Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

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