Data on clinical significance of GAS2 in colorectal cancer cells

Chun Chao Chang, Chi Cheng Huang, Shung Haur Yang, Chih Cheng Chien, Chia Long Lee, Chi Jung Huang

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The growth arrest-specific 2 (GAS2) was cloned and found to be upregulated in the feces of recurrent CRC patients. This overexpressed GAS2 induced different patterns of gene expressions in CRC cells. Briefly, one cell proliferation marker, Ki-67 antigen (Ki-67), was upregulated in the cells with overexpressed GAS2, "Correlation between proliferation markers: PCNA, Ki-67, MCM-2 and antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2 in colorectal cancer" [1]. Whereas, the expression of another cell proliferation marker, proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), changed insignificantly [1]. In addition, the mRNA level of one cyclin involving in both cell cycle G1/S and G2/M transitions was also not affected by GAS2 overexpression, "Cdc20 and Cks direct the spindle checkpoint-independent destruction of cyclin A" [2]. The experimental design and procedures in this article can be helpful for understanding the molecular significance of GAS2 in SW480 and SW620 CRC cells.

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