Cross-point resistive switching memory and urea sensing by using annealed GdOx film in IrOx/GdOx/W structure for biomedical applications

Pankaj Kumar, Siddheswar Maikap, Sreekanth Ginnaram, Jian Tai Qiu, Debanjan Jana, Somsubhra Chakrabarti, Subhranu Samanta, Kanishk Singh, Anisha Roy, Surajit Jana, Mrinmoy Dutta, Ya Ling Chang, Hsin Ming Cheng, Rajat Mahapatra, Hsien Chin Chiu, Jer Ren Yang

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Resistive switching characteristics and urea sensing have been investigated by using annealed GdOx film in IrOx/GdOx/W cross-point memory for the first time. The annealed GdOx film shows larger polycrystalline grains as compared to as-deposited films, which is observed by high-resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) and X-ray diffraction patterns (XRD). Surface roughness of the GdOx films on W nano-dome is observed by atomic force microscope (AFM). The annealed IrOx/GdOx/W cross-point memory shows resistance ratio of 1000x times higher, multi-level operation with varying current compliance (CC) from 10-300 μA, good non-linearity factor of 8.3, good dc switching cycles of > 1000 at CC of 10 μA, long read endurance of >109 cycles with pulse width of 1 μs at higher read voltage of -0.5 V, and high speed operation of 100 ns. Repeatable resistive switching characteristics at low CC of 10 μA and mechanism are due to the electric field enhancement on the W nano-dome simulated by MATLAB, which controls the O2- ions migration through polycrystalline GdOx grain boundary as well as Schottky barrier height modulation (0.59 vs. 0.39 eV). In addition, the annealed GdOx membrane in electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor (EIS) structure shows higher pH sensitivity than the as-deposited film (53.2 vs. 45.1 mV/pH) and lower drift (1.8 vs. 2.6 mV/hr) as well as lower detection of pH change (0.034). Detection of pH and urea sensing from 6 to 24 mg/dl have been measured by using cross-point memory, and the sensing mechanism is also discussed, which will be very useful for real healthcare unit in near future.

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期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2017

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