Coping with the Experience of Bad Sleep and Fatigue Associated with the Nursing Clinical Practicum

Mei Hsin Lai, Chyn Yuan Tzeng, Yeu Hui Chuang, Pi Chen Chang, Min Huey Chung

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Nursing students experience anxiety during clinical practicum, which may interfere with their learning of clinical practice. This study explored the practicum anxiety symptom experience of clinical nursing students. The methodology was mixed research design consist of questionnaire and a qualitative research design following a grounded theory approach. Research data were gathered via theoretical sampling from 37 female college nursing students practicing in a Central Taiwan hospital and analyzed using the content analysis method. The mean age of the subjects was 20.7 ± 1.35 years old. The practicum-related anxiety symptom experience was made up of core dimensions associated with the nursing clinical practicum, such as bad sleep and fatigue, and covered six themes. Students first encountered anxiety-inducing situations in the clinical setting, and then they began coping through self-adaptation and teachers' help. In cases of coping failure, students began to have a bad sleep in the night and then felt tired and fatigued all day. These themes became a repeating cycle during the clinical practicum. This conceptual model shows that students experienced bad sleep and fatigue as a result of anxiety symptoms during the clinical practicum. Bad sleep and fatigue are critical anxiety symptoms for nursing students in clinical practice. Nursing teachers should pay attention to bad sleep and fatigue in nursing students and help students to improve their mental and physical health.

期刊International journal of environmental research and public health
出版狀態已發佈 - 6月 18 2022

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