Contribution of ischemic stroke to hip fracture risk and the influence of gender difference

Chien Hua Wu, Tsan Hon Liou, Po Lung Hsiao, Yu Ching Lin, Kwang Hwa Chang

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Objectives: To clarify the contribution of stroke to the risk of hip fracture (HF) and the influence of gender difference on HF, and to estimate the incidence rate of poststroke HF. Design: A prospective, probability-sampling, 10-year, population-based cohort study. Setting: A National Health Insurance Research Database consisting of 200,432 randomly selected enrollees. Participants: Subjects with acute ischemic stroke (N=1951; mean age ± SD, 65.6±9.8y; 56.5% men) were identified. For each stroke subject, 2 age- and gender-matched controls were recruited. Control subjects did not have any brain disease. Those subjects younger than 45 years were excluded. Interventions: Not applicable. Main Outcome Measures: The incidence rate and the adjusted hazard ratio of sustaining an HF were estimated. The cumulative HF-free probability was plotted. Results: Stroke subjects had a higher incidence rate of HF than their controls (women: 11.3 vs 4.4/1000 person-years, P

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期刊Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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