Construction of Heterostructured Sn/TiO2/Si Photocathode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction

Chengjin Li, Xiaoxia Zhou, Qingming Zhang, Yi Xue, Zhaoyu Kuang, Han Zhao, Chung Yuan Mou, Hangrong Chen

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Using renewable energy to convert CO2 into liquid products, as a sustainable way to produce fuels and chemicals, has attracted intense attention. Herein, a novel heterostructured photocathode composed of Si wafer, TiO2 layer, and Sn metal particles has been successfully fabricated by combining of a facile hydrothermal and electrodeposition method. The obtained Sn/TiO2/Si photocathode shows enhanced light absorption performance by the surface plasmon resonance effect of Sn metal. Especially, the Sn/TiO2/Si photocathode together with rich oxygen vacancy defects jointly promote photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction, harvesting a high faradaic efficiency of HCOOH and a desirable average current density (−4.72 mA cm−2) at −1.0 V vs. reversible hydrogen electrode. Significantly, the photocathode Sn/TiO2/Si also shows good stability due to the design of protecting layer TiO2. This study provides a facile strategy of constructing an efficient photocathode to improve the light absorption performance and the electron transfer efficiency, exhibiting great potential in the CO2 reduction.

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