Consolidation of mechanically alloyed Cu-Zr-Ti metallic glass powders

Chung Kwei Lin, Pee Yew Lee

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In the present study, Cu60Zr30Ti10 metallic glass powders were prepared by mechanical alloying of pure Cu, Zr, and Ti powder mixtures. Cu60Zr30Ti10 metallic glass composite powders were obtained after 5 h of milling as confirmed by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. The metallic glass powders were found to exhibit a supercooled liquid region before crystallization. Cu60Zr30Ti10 bulk metallic glass were synthesized by vacuum hot pressing the as-milled Cu60Zr30Ti10 metallic glass powders at 723 K in the pressure range of 0.72 1.20 GPa. Cu60Zr30Ti10 BMG with nanocrystalline precipitates homogeneously embedded in a highly dense glassy matrix was successfully prepared under applied pressures. It was found that the pressure could enhance the thermal stability and prolong the existence of amorphous phase inside Cu60Zr30Ti10 powders.
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期刊Key Engineering Materials
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出版狀態已發佈 - 2017
事件9th Cross-Strait Conference on Engineering Materials, 2014 - Tainan, 臺灣
持續時間: 11月 7 201411月 8 2014

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