Consistency and Accuracy of Artificial Intelligence for Providing Nutritional Information

Yen Nhi Hoang, Ya Ling Chen, Dang Khanh Ngan Ho, Wan Chun Chiu, Khang Jin Cheah, Noor Rohmah Mayasari, Jung Su Chang

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In a digital world, people increasingly rely on the internet for food-related and nutrition-related information.1 However, a recent report2 showed that almost one-half of online, nutrition-related information was inaccurate (48.9%) or was of low quality (48.8%). The ability of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to streamline navigation of public information and provide onversational texts to users has transformed electronic health. Although studies have evaluated the performance of AI chatbots in providing medicine-related information,3 it remains unclear how well they can handle nutrition-related questions. This study investigated the reliability of AI in providing the energy and macronutrient content of 222 food items using different languages (English and Traditional Chinese) as inputs.
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期刊JAMA network open
出版狀態已發佈 - 12月 27 2023

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