Complex Hydrogels Composed of Chitosan with Ring-opened Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone as a Gastroretentive Drug Dosage Form to Enhance the Bioavailability of Bisphosphonates

Chia-Yu Su, Hsiu-O Ho, Ying-Chen Chen, Yu-Ting Yu, Der-Zen Liu, Fang-Ching Chao, Ming-Thau Sheu

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Complex hydrogels formed with chitosan (CS) and ring-opened polyvinyl pyrrolidone (roPVP) as a swellable mucoadhesive gastroretentive drug dosage form (smGRDDF) were prepared and characterized. CS/roPVP hydrogels were produced by blending CS with roPVP obtained by basic treatment of PVP. Effects of the heating time and NaOH concentration employed for preparing roPVP, and CS molecular weights (Mws), and roPVP/CS ratios on the swelling ability of the resultant hydrogels were characterized. Rheological characteristics were further examined. Results demonstrated that roPVP obtained in a 0.5 M NaOH solution heated to 50 °C for 4 h was suitable for producing complex hydrogels with CS. At a roPVP/CS ratio of 20:1, hydrogels composed of three different Mws of CS possessed optimal swelling and mucoadhesive abilities and rheological properties. In vitro dissolution revealed sustained drug release. A pharmacokinetic study exhibited that the plasma profile of alendronate followed a sustained manner with 3-fold enhancement of the oral bioavailability. In conclusion, the smGRDDF composed of CS/roPVP complex hydrogels was successfully developed and is potentially applicable to improve the clinical efficacy of bisphosphonates.
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期刊Scientific Reports
出版狀態已發佈 - 5月 25 2018