CircNet 2.0: An updated database for exploring circular RNA regulatory networks in cancers

Yigang Chen, Lantian Yao, Yun Tang, Jhih Hua Jhong, Jingting Wan, Jingyue Chang, Shidong Cui, Yijun Luo, Xiaoxuan Cai, Wenshuo Li, Qi Chen, Hsi Yuan Huang, Zhuo Wang, Weiming Chen, Tzu Hao Chang, Fengxiang Wei, Tzong Yi Lee, Hsien Da Huang

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Circular RNAs (circRNAs), which are single-stranded RNA molecules that have individually formed into a covalently closed continuous loop, act as sponges of microRNAs to regulate transcription and translation. CircRNAs are important molecules in the field of cancer diagnosis, as growing evidence suggests that they are closely related to pathological cancer features. Therefore, they have high potential for clinical use as novel cancer biomarkers. In this article, we present our updates to CircNet (version 2.0), into which circRNAs from circAtlas and MiOncoCirc, and novel circRNAs from The Cancer Genome Atlas database have been integrated. In total, 2732 samples from 37 types of cancers were integrated into CircNet 2.0 and analyzed using several of the most reliable circRNA detection algorithms. Furthermore, target miRNAs were predicted from the full-length circRNA sequence using three reliable tools (PITA, miRanda and TargetScan). Additionally, 384 897 experimentally verified miRNA-target interactions from miRTarBase were integrated into our database to facilitate the construction of high-quality circRNA-miRNA-gene regulatory networks. These improvements, along with the user-friendly interactive web interface for data presentation, search, and visualization, showcase the updated CircNet database as a powerful, experimentally validated resource, for providing strong data support in the biomedical fields. CircNet 2.0 is currently accessible at∼CircNet.
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期刊Nucleic Acids Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 2022

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