Characterization of glycine-N-methyltransferase-gene expression in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Yi Ming A. Chen, Jer Yuan A. Shiu, Shwu Jen Tzeng, Li Sun Shih, Yi Jen Chen, Wing Yiu Lut, Pao Huei Chen

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Messenger RNA differential display was used to study liver-gene expression in paired tumor and non-tumor tissues from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. mRNA differential display and Northern-blot analyses showed that a 0.8-kb cDNA fragment was diminished or absent from the tumorous tissues of 7 HCC patients. The cDNA fragment was sequenced and found to have 98.7% nucleotide sequence homology with human glycine-N- methyltransferase cDNA (GNMT). In addition, there was no detectable level of GNMT expression in 4 human HCC cell lines, SK-Hep1, Hep 3B, HuH-7 and HA22T, examined by Northern-blot assay. A full-length GNMT cDNA clone-9-1-2 was obtained by screening a Taiwanese liver cDNA library. In comparison with the GNMT cDNA sequence reported elsewhere, clone 9-1-2 had 4 nucleotide differences resulting in 1 amino-acid change. Immunohistochemical staining with rabbit anti-recombinant GNMT serum showed that GNMT protein almost completely disappeared in liver-cancer cells, while it was abundant in the non-tumorous liver cells. Down-regulation of GNMT gene expression may be involved in the pathogenesis of liver cancer.
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期刊International Journal of Cancer
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 2 1998

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