Characteristic ultrasonographic findings of choroidal tumors

Tsung Jen Wang, Chang Hao Yang, Shu Lang Liao, Tzyy Chang Ho, Jen Shang Huang, Chang Pin Lin, Chung May Yang, Muh Shy Chen, Luke Long Kuang Lin

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Purpose: To report the characteristic ultrasonographic findings of choroidal tumors diagnosed at a university hospital between 1999 and 2002. Materials and Methods: The charts of patients with choroidal tumors diagnosed between January 1999 and December 2002 were reviewed retrospectively. Age, gender and symptoms were recorded. The characteristic ultrasonographic findings of choroidal tumors, including shape, internal reflectivity, location and associated retinal detachment, were analyzed. Result: A total of 27 cases of choroidal tumors were reviewed. Choroidal hemangioma was found in 15 cases (56%), choroidal melanoma in 10 (37%), and metastatic choroidal tumor in two (7%). Fourteen patients had a dome-shaped tumor mass (14 choroidal hemangiomas), 11 had a collar-button tumor (10 choroidal melanomas and 1 choroidal hemangioma), and two had an irregular/bumpy tumor (metastatic choroidal tumors). Retinal detachment was noted in 14 cases. Thirteen choroidal hemangiomas (86.7%) were located adjacent to the optic nerve, while eight choroidal melanomas (80%) were not located at the posterior pole. High internal reflectivity was noted in 13 choroidal hemangiomas (86.7%). Five cases of choroidal melanoma (50%) had medium to high internal reflectivity, and four cases (40%) showed low to medium internal reflectivity. Conclusions: Ultrasonography is a non-invasive examination for choroidal tumors. However, not all choroidal tumors had the typical pictures described by previous studies. From our study, the shape, location, reflectivity, and associated retinal detachment might be helpful indicators for differential diagnosis of choroidal tumors.

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期刊Journal of Medical Ultrasound
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003

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