Carbon dioxide-enhanced ultrasonography of liver tumors

Chou Chen Ran Chou Chen, C. S. Wang, P. H. Chen, H. Y. Tu, L. C. Chiang, J. D. Liu

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CO2 gas-enhanced ultrasonography was performed in 37 patients (47 studies) for the purpose of detecting small tumors and evaluating differential diagnosis. With conventional ultrasonography, 62 lesions were identified in 25 patients with HCC, 13 tumors were identified in eight patients with hemangioma, and multiple tumors were found in four patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma. CO2-enhanced ultrasonography detected five additional hemangiomas, 12 additional nodules in HCC, and the same number of metastatic nodules. The patterns of CO2 enhancement were characterized as homogeneous, heterogeneous, rim, internal spotted, negative, and mixed (more than one pattern in one lesion). The rim enhancement pattern was found to be specific for hemangioma. The internal spotted enhancement pattern was found exclusively in HCC. All the lesions that demonstrated negative enhancement were treated HCC. All the metastatic tumors demonstrated the mixed rim and internal spotted enhancement pattern. We suggest that CO2-enhanced ultrasonography is a useful tool in detecting small liver tumors. It can also help in the differentiation among various hepatic tumors.

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期刊Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 1 1994

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