Can ultrasound irradiation be a therapeutic option for prostate cancer?

Noriaki Maeshige, Koichi Kitagawa, Saya Yamasaki, Aya Ishii, Toshiro Shirakawa, Yong Ming Yang, Shian Ying Sung, Kuan Chou Chen, Zhi Min Yuan, Katsumi Shigemura, Masato Fujisawa

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BACKGROUND: Focal therapies for prostate cancer (PC) can reduce adverse events and do not lead to androgen-independent progression. Ultrasound could be used for cancer treatments if the repetition frequency is fitted to the purpose. We investigated the possible therapeutic effect of ultrasound irradiation on PC cells.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We irradiated two PC cell lines, androgen-dependent LNCaP and -independent PC-3 with ultrasound (3.0 W/cm 2 , 3 MHz, irradiation time rate: 20%) for 2 minutes for 1 day or 3 consecutive days at a repetition frequency of 1, 10, or 100 Hz in vitro. Cell proliferation and apoptosis were determined after irradiation.

RESULTS: Cell proliferation of PC-3 was significantly inhibited after 1 day (P < .0001) and 3 days (P < .0001) of 10 Hz ultrasound irradiation, and that of LNCaP after 1 day (P < .0001) and 3 days (P < .0001) of irradiation. LNCaP was more sensitive to ultrasound at both lower and higher cell density but PC-3 was only sensitive at a lower cell density (P < .01). Irradiation with 10 Hz ultrasound-induced significantly more PC-3 apoptotic cells than control (1 day, P = .0137; 3 days, P = .0386) rather than irradiation with 1 Hz. Apoptosis via caspase-3 was induced at 10 Hz in 1-day (P < .05) irradiation in both cell lines.

CONCLUSIONS: Ultrasound irradiation with even 1 day of 10 Hz significantly inhibited cell proliferation in both LNCaP and PC-3, especially by the remarkable induction of apoptosis in vitro. Our study indicated that ultrasound irradiation can be a therapeutic option for PC and further studies in vivo will be undertaken.

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