Brain networks and the emergence of the self: A neurophenomenal perspective

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Psychiatric disorders can be characterized by major changes in self which is often experienced in an abnormal way. The neural correlates and mechanisms as well as the methodological approach for how to explore and investigate these abnormalities of self remain unclear. I review here recent findings on the involvement of different neural networks in processing self-specificity. That leads me to point out the special role of cortical midline structure (CMS) as part of the default-mode network (DMN) in constituting self-specificity. Since the CMS mediate self-specificity, their default-mode network functionality does not only apply to all other regions/networks of the brain but also to the self-specificity of the latter's stimulus processing. To fully understand the alterations of the sense of self in psychiatric disorders, we therefore need to combine neuronal approaches to the CMS and the other networks with a phenomenal investigation of the subjective experience of self, for example, a neurophenomenal approach. Such neurophenomenal approach is considered central for psychiatric disorders that can be characterized by a basic disturbance of self.

主出版物標題Brain Network Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Illness
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