Biomedical applications and colloidal properties of amphiphilically modified chitosan hybrids

Mikael Larsson, Wei Chen Huang, Meng Hsuan Hsiao, Yen Jen Wang, Magnus Nydén, Shih Hwa Chiou, Dean Mo Liu

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Chitosan is among the most abundant biopolymers on earth and has been either used or exhibited potential in a wide variety of industrial and biomedical applications. With the advancement of materials technologies, chitosan has been chemically modified to self-assemble into nanoarchitectures that are usable in advanced biomedical applications, such as drug nanocarriers, macroscopic injectables, tissue-engineering scaffolds, and nanoimaging agents. Colloidal amphiphilically modified chitosan (AMC) is a relatively recent material receiving increased attention with numerous publications addressing the medical advantages of specific systems. To date, many reviews have focused on the synthesis and biomedical properties of chitosan-based biomaterials, but a comprehensive study focusing on the colloidal properties of AMC in relation to biomedical performance appears to be lacking. This review provides a survey of the field, critically reviewing the colloidal properties and biomedical performance of AMC systems, such as nanoparticle drug delivery systems and macroscopic medical devices. Finally, the future development, market potential, and clinical implications of these promising colloidal-structured biomaterials are summarised.
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期刊Progress in Polymer Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 2013

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