Bibliometric analysis of nursing research in Taiwan 1991-2004.

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This study examined nursing research performance in Taiwan from 1991 to 2004 by conducting bibliometric analysis of papers published by researchers affiliated with nursing institutes in Taiwan. Bibliometric information of papers that were published between 1991 and 2004 and had contact address including the words "Taiwan", and "nursing" were downloaded from the ISI Web of Knowledge website. The information used for this research included number of papers, number of authors, number of references listed, impact factors of publishing journals, times cited, and whether the paper was written through international or domestic collaboration. The information was coded and tabulated. Bibliometric characteristics were compared between 1995- 1999 and 2000-2004. Furthermore, an exponential model was fitted to show the past growth trend in research outputs. The results showed that there was a significant growth in quantity of papers from 1991 to 2004. In general, recent papers had averaged more authors, more domestic collaboration, more international collaboration, higher impact factors, and more references listed than earlier papers. Papers written with collaboration tended to have a higher average number of authors and more references listed, and tended to be published in journals with higher impact factors. The exponential model proved to be in good fit with the past growth pattern. The authors speculate that the recent increase in research collaboration, both internationally and domestically, may have contributed to the significant increase in output. It is not clear whether the growth in quantity of papers will continue or for how long. Based on past data, however, no sign of leveling off has been observed. More research is needed to understand what societal and individual level factors were involved in fueling such a dramatic increase in quantity in the last decade. Furthermore, as the quantity of papers has increased steadily, more focus can be placed on improving the quality of research papers.

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