Batchbmd as an efficient and accurate dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry report generator

Chun Hsiang Chan, Wen Chi Huang, Yi Chien Lu, Hsing Fen Hsiao, Wing P. Chan

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Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry is the gold standard for evaluating Bone Mineral Density (BMD); however, a typical BMD report is generated in a time-inefficient manner and is prone to error. We developed a rule-based automated reporting system, BatchBMD, that acceler-ates DXA reporting while improving its accuracy over current systems. BatchBMD generates a structured report, customized to the specific clinical purpose. To compare BatchBMD to a Web-based Reporting (WBR) system for efficiency and accuracy, 500 examinations were randomly chosen from those performed at the Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital from January to March 2021. The final assessment included all 2326 examinations conducted from September 2020 to March 2021. The average reporting times were 6.7 and 10.8 minutes for BatchBMD and the WBR system, respectively, while accuracy was 99.4% and 98.2%, respectively. Most of the errors made by BatchBMD were digit errors in the appendicular skeletal muscle index. After correcting this, 100% accuracy across all 2326 examinations was validated. This automated and accurate BMD reporting system significantly reduces report production workload for radiologists and technicians while increasing productivity and quality. Additionally, the portable software, which employs a simple framework, can reduce deployment costs in clinical practice.
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