Automatic optimization of drug cocktails on an integrated microfluidic system

Wen Yen Huang, Ching An Liu, Rong Syuan Fan, Zhi Da Lin, Kuan Wang, Gwo Bin Lee

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Drug cocktails have been popular for a variety of therapies of complicated diseases. Nevertheless, it is a tediously challenging task to optimize formulations, especially using traditional methods. Hence, an automatic system capable of precise dispensing multiple drugs is of great need. Herein, a new integrated microfluidic system combined with a two-axis traverse module was developed to dispense and mix a small amount of drug combination precisely and automatically. This on-chip dispensing process could be performed with a precise and accurate manner when compared to the manual operations. The efficacy of both single and multiple drugs could be examined through the developed microfluidic system with extremely low variation of drug formulations. Analysis of cell viabilities for normal and tumor cells was also performed to verify potential drug combinations. It is envisioned that this automatic system, which is flexible to combine with standard cell analysis methods and novel drug formulation algorithm, could provide precise and high-throughput drug cocktail formulations and expedite the drug screening processes.
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