Au nanorings for enhancing absorption and backscattering monitored with optical coherence tomography

Hung Yu Tseng, Cheng Kuang Lee, Shou Yen Wu, Ting Ta Chi, Kai Min Yang, Jyh Yang Wang, Yean Woei Kiang, C. C. Yang, Meng Tsan Tsai, Yang Che Wu, Han Yi E. Chou, Chun Pin Chiang

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Preparation of a high-concentration Au nanoring (NR) water solution and its applications to the enhancement of image contrast in optical coherence tomography (OCT) and the generation of the photothermal effect in a bio-sample through localized surface plasmon (LSP) resonance are demonstrated. Au NRs are first fabricated on a sapphire substrate with colloidal lithography and secondary sputtering of Au, and then transferred into a water solution through a liftoff process. By controlling the NR geometry, the LSP dipole resonance wavelength in tissue can cover a spectral range of 1300nm for OCT scanning of deep tissue penetration. The extinction cross sections of the fabricated Au NRs in water are estimated to give levels of 10-10-10 - 9cm2 near their LSP resonance wavelengths. The fabricated Au NRs are then delivered into pig adipose samples for OCT scanning. It is observed that, when resonant Au NRs are delivered into such a sample, LSP resonance-induced Au NR absorption results in a photothermal effect, making the opaque pig adipose cells transparent. Also, the delivered Au NRs in the intercellular substance enhance the image contrast of OCT scanning through LSP resonance-enhanced scattering. By continuously OCT scanning a sample, both photothermal and image contrast enhancement effects are observed. However, by continually scanning a sample with a low scan frequency, only the image contrast enhancement effect is observed.
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