Atypical fibroxanthoma of the auricle

H. L. Chen, W. Y. Su, W. H. Lee

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Atypical fibroxanthoma is an extremely rare tumor especially on the skin of the autricle. Although such a skin tumor that originates from the dermis and occasionally infiltrates into the subcutis has a malignant microscopic appearance, it may behave in a benign manner. In this case, a 55-year-old male who had a nasopharyngeal carcinoma and received 7000 rads of radiotherapy about 15 years ago presented here with atypical fibroxanthoma of the right auricle. Owing to ulcerated solitary pinkish irregular surface it always leads to basal cell carcinoma or pyrogenic granuloma. Histologically it was mixed with spindle cells of foamy cytoplasm in interlacing fascicles. En bloc excision with rotational flap was successfully performed. No recurrence of metastasis has been found for half a year postoperatively.

頁(從 - 到)462-465
期刊Chinese Medical Journal (Taipei)
出版狀態已發佈 - 1983

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