Association of prostate cancer with human papillomavirus infections: a case-control study

Shuo Han Yin, Shiu Dong Chung, Shih Han Hung, Tsai Ching Liu, Herng Ching Lin

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Background: The highly oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) is associated with numerous cancer types. While the role of viruses in the development of certain cancers is well established, the association between HPV infections and prostate cancer remains a subject of ongoing debate. This study aimed to investigate a potential association of prostate cancer with HPV infections utilizing a case-control study. Methods: We extracted data from the Taiwan Longitudinal Health Insurance Database 2010. We retrieved 5137 patients with prostate cancer as cases and a 3:1 ratio of propensity score-matched patients without prostate cancer (15,411 patients) as controls. Multiple logistic regression analyses were carried out to scrutinize the association of prostate cancer with HPV infections while taking into account age, monthly income category, geographic location and urbanization level of the patient’s residence as well as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and chronic prostatitis, tobacco use disorder, and alcohol abuse/alcohol dependence syndrome. Results: The data indicate that out of all sampled patients, 1812 (8.8%) had a prior diagnosis of HPV infections before the index date. Among cases and matched controls, HPV infections were diagnosed in 743 (14.5%) and 1069 (6.9%) patients, respectively. The results from the chi-square test demonstrate that individuals with prostate cancer exhibited a significantly higher incidence rate of HPV infections than their control counterparts (p < 0.001). Furthermore, in comparison to controls, individuals with a history of HPV infections had an adjusted odds ratio of 2.321 (95% CI: 2.097~2.568) for developing prostate cancer. Notably, individuals diagnosed with chronic prostatitis were also more likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer (adjusted odds ratio=1.586; 95% CI = 1.338~1.879), which aligns with expectations in this context. Conclusions: We found prostate cancer to be significantly associated with HPV infections, contributing to the mounting body of evidence indicating a plausible connection between the two.
期刊Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2023

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