Association between GRIN3A gene polymorphism in Kawasaki disease and coronary artery aneurysms in Taiwanese children

Ying Ju Lin, Jeng Sheng Chang, Xiang Liu, Chien Hui Hung, Ting Hsu Lin, Shao Mei Huang, Kuan Teh Jeang, Chia Yen Chen, Chiu Chu Liao, Cheng Wen Lin, Chih Ho Lai, Ni Tien, Yu Ching Lan, Mao Wang Ho, Wen Kuei Chien, Jin Hua Chen, Yu Chuen Huang, Hsinyi Tsang, Jer Yuarn Wu, Chien Hsiun ChenLi Ching Chang, Fuu Jen Tsai

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Kawasaki disease (KD) is pediatric systemic vasculitis with the classic complication of coronary artery aneurysm (CAA). It is the leading cause of acquired cardiovascular diseases in children. Some severe cases present with multiorgan involvement or neurological dysfunction. To identify the role of the glutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl-D-aspartate 3A (GRIN3A) in KD, we investigated genetic variations in GRIN3A in a Taiwanese cohort of 262 KD patients (76 with and 186 without CAA complications). We used univariate and multivariate regression analyses to identify the associations between clinical characteristics and GRIN3A genetic variations in KD. According to univariate regression analysis, CAA formation in KD was significantly associated with fever duration (p < 0.0001), first Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) used (days after day one of fever) (p < 0.0001), and the GRIN3A (rs7849782) genetic variant (p < 0.001). KD patients with GG+GC genotype showed a lower rate of developing CAA (GG+GC genotype: odds ratio = 0.26; 95% CI = 0.14-0.46). Significant associations were identified between KD with CAA complication and the GRIN3A (rs7849782) genetic variant by using multivariate regression analysis. Specifically, significant correlations were observed between KD with CAA complications and the presence of GG+GC genotypes for the GRIN3A rs7849782 single-nucleotide polymorphism (full model: odds ratio = 0.25; 95% CI = 0.14-0.46). Our results suggest that a polymorphism of the GRIN3A gene may play a role in KD pathogenesis.

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