Applications of atmospheric cold plasma in agricultural, medical, and bioprocessing industries

Shin Ping Lin, Darin Khumsupan, Yu Jou Chou, Kuan Chen Hsieh, Hsien Yi Hsu, Yuwen Ting, Kuan Chen Cheng

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Abstract: Atmospheric cold plasma (ACP) is a nonthermal technology that is extensively used in several industries. Within the scopes of engineering and biotechnology, some notable applications of ACP include waste management, material modification, medicine, and agriculture. Notwithstanding numerous applications, ACP still encounters a number of challenges such as diverse types of plasma generators and sizes, causing standardization challenges. This review focuses on the uses of ACP in engineering and biotechnology sectors in which the innovation can positively impact the operation process, enhance safety, and reduce cost. Additionally, its limitations are examined. Since ACP is still in its nascent stage, the review will also propose potential research opportunities that can help scientists gain more insights on the technology. Key points: • ACP technology has been used in agriculture, medical, and bioprocessing industries. • Chemical study on the reactive species is crucial to produce function-specific ACP. • Different ACP devices and conditions still pose standardization problems.
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期刊Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
出版狀態已發佈 - 12月 2022

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